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‘Only broken people do that’: play explores dark heart of Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine/Gabler looks at choices made by power-hungry women in a world built for men “Trash”, “disposable” and “pretty little fools” are the phrases a poised Ghislaine Maxwell uses to dismiss her underage victims, before asking the audience: “Why are we fussing over them?” when there are more important things to worry about. She offers: “Ocean trash? Single-use plastics? Disposable items piling up?” This is a key passage in a new play at the Edinburgh fringe, Ghislaine/Gabler, which seeks to understand how Maxwell became a procurer of young women for the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, and how this is fuelled by her victimhood – her obsession with the ocean hints at a complex relationship with her beloved yet bullying father, the media mogul Robert Maxwell, who died by drowning in mysterious circumstances. The one-woman show is the result of its creator, Kristin Winters, becoming engrossed in a trial that gave insight into a world of both high society glamour and sinister depravity, which led to her researching Maxwell in depth to recreate her on stage. Ghislaine/Gabler is at Greenside theatre until 29 August Continue reading...
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