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Fried sardine pitta and baked pomegranate salmon with kisir: Melek Erdal’s Kurdish recipes

Pomegranate is the jewel in the crown of these Kurdish fish dishes: a sumac-scented salmon with a herby bulgur wheat salad, and crisp sardine and spiced potato pittas Kurdish food is a tapestry, much like Kurdish people. We absorb from and imprint on the spaces we inhabit. It is no coincidence that our symbolic fruit is the pomegranate, the sum making the whole. Even when it is broken open and scattered, it is full of jewel-like seeds. As an Istanbul-born, London-grown Kurd, I have used food to connect, to preserve the past and to form a new community. Today’s dishes have flavours that have survived long journeys to distant places simply because they are delicious. Melek Erdal is a Kurdish chef and food writer. The Guardian aims to publish recipes for sustainable fish. Check ratings in your region: UK ; Australia ; US . Continue reading...
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