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Who borrowed her book titles from Dostoevsky? The Saturday quiz

From stingrays to sports bras, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz 1 Which Italian competition inspired Eurovision? 2 Who borrowed her book titles from Dostoevsky and Kierkegaard? 3 Q1 is the tallest building on which continent? 4 Whose GOM nickname was reversed to MOG? 5 What distinguishes a halophyte plant? 6 Aristarchus of Samos was the first to propose which theory? 7 In which river was a 300kg stingray found in June? 8 Which two Michael Caine films are named after African peoples? What links: 9 Drill; mumble; road; snap; trap? 10 Smith; Norman (2); Baker-Finch; Nagle; Thomson (5)? 11 Sports bras; pet collars; meat-free sausages; anti-bacterial wipes? 12 Had; inland; man; pain; ran? 13 Sleeping Beauty; signalled October Revolution; northern lights? 14 Sam Ryan; Grayling Russell; Eve Lockhart; Kay Scarpetta? 15 Retinol; thiamine; ascorbic acid; calciferol? Continue reading...
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